"Only In The Western World" curated by Luigi Fassi

Opening on Thursday, September 8th, 2016, 6-9 pm

According to the German philosopher Max Weber (1864-1920), rationality is a uniquely European phenomenon, a set of philosophical guidelines that define the sensibility and horizons of Western and European modernity only. Despite having extensively investigated non-European cultures, Weber draws an asymmetrical comparison in his work between Western modernity and the status of other societies, conducted from a European point of view and unable to achieve a reciprocity of perspectives. The current exhibition takes as its point of departure the Eurocentrism inherent in Weber´s expression "nur im Okzident", and aims to question such rationalist exclusivity.
The project presents works by artists operating within a framework that is critical of Western culture, in order to unmask the darker side of its famed rationality – as colonialist, racialized, and predatory. The works displayed in the exhibition thus enact a multiplicity of strategies to claim a different reading of history and rationality. In this way, the artists frame for themselves their own ancestry and roots, opening an increased space for freedom, knowledge and empowerment.

Participating artists:

Julien CREUZET // François-Xavier GBRÉ // Haroon GUNN-SALIE // Kiluanji Kia HENDA // Diango HERNÁNDEZ // Hilario ISOLA // Runo LAGOMARSINO // Misha STROJ & Aarti SUNDER // Barthélémy TOGUO // Katarina ZDJELAR
click to enlargeexhibition view: Diango Hernández
click to enlargeexhibition view: Toguo Barthélémy
click to enlargeexhibition view: Kiluanji Kia Henda
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