Jochen HLLER // Santiago YDEZ // RaumZeitPiraten

Jochen Hller - Im Anfang war die Frage

Jochen Hller, the award winner of the STRABAG Artaward International 2016, slightly changes a bibel quote as he says: "In the beginning was the question". His work focuses on fundamental topics concerning society, philosophy, religion and culture. He opens up a wide ranged, complex topic and constantly conveys thought-provoking impulses to the beholder. Since ancient time our knowledge has multiplied, nowadays enormous amounts of data are being collected and documented. But to which conclusion does this lead us? Jochen Hller poses many questions and gives us at the same time the complete freedom to finde our own answers.

Santiago Ydez - Crossings

"Crossings" is the first exhibition of the Spanish artist Santiago Ydez in Vienna. For the exposed works the artist used precious cutlery trays, elaborated cases, ornated pocket mirrors, distinced music-boxes and a lot of other accessories and transformed them into intimate sceneries for his paintings. All the objects are original antiques produced in the first half of the 20th century, a truly burdened period in the history of Europe. The work of the Spanish artist refers to it by bringing us back the decadence and melancholy of this time together with its real fear of loss, which took form in such "Pices de Rstiance".

RaumZeitPiraten - GIFMeister

The German artist collective RaumZeitPiraten invades the roomnumberOne with their "GIFMeister". The artists surprise with technological oddities, create performing guerilla-machines and develop parasitical strategies to implement them into cultural systems. Their "GIFMeister", an installation consisting of 24 projectors interconnected with a purpose-built system, produces a series of varying shadow-images. Due to afterimage and stroboscopic effects the beholder perceives them as a coherent motion picture. The speed of the projection is thereby controlled by the noise of the interaction between beholder and installation.
click to enlargeArtist: Jochen Hller
Title: Wolke
Year: 2017
Tech: Sculpture
Size: 70 x 110 x 170 cm
click to enlargeArtist: Santiago Ydez
Title: Untitled
Year: 2016
Tech: Acrylic on canvas mounted in antique casket
Size: 18,5x24,5x3 cm
click to enlargeArtist: RaumZeitPiraten
Title: GIFMeister
Year: 2016
Tech: Installation
Size: 400 x 400 x 400 cm
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