Bertram Hasenauer @ New Black Romanticism, Muzeul Național de Artă al României, Bucarest

The exhibition New Black Romanticism is the attempt to Iook at contemporary artistic trends between progressive Dark Wave and strategies of obfuscation. From delicately intonated doomsday pathos to neo-baroque bombast, nothing seems too fraught for the artists´ merging of sentimental effusions galvanised by chilling undercurrents.

The selected artists from Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, the USA and Great Britain address all the topics that move the world. The banality of evil. The simultaneously criminal and distinguished nature of power. The smooth surfaces of desire. The shady deals and amoral networks. By doing so, they show how the perpetrators merge with their abysmal deeds.

After its venue in Bucarest, New Black Romanticism will be on view at Stadtgalerie Kiel, Germany (16/09 through 31/10/2017) and will travel to Berlin in November where it will be shown at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien from 17/11 through 10/12/2017, opening 16/11/2017.

click to enlargeArtist: Bertram HASENAUER
Title: Talus 7
Year: 2008
Tech: Acrylic on wood
Size: 35x90 cm
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