Santiago Ydáñez "El corazón manda" @ CAC Málaga

The Center of Contemporary Art of Málaga presents "El corazón manda" by Santiago Ydáñez, curated by Fernando Francés. The exhibition will gather more than forty works of Santiago Ydáñez, among acrylics, various objects intervened with their drawings and a taxidermy will be on show. The exhibition consists of a selection of his creations of the last ten years, representing his characteristic faces, animals, new works based on Art History referents, dismemberments, soft porn scenes with animal incursions or naked female figures.
click to enlargeArtist: Santiago Ydáñez
Title: Untitled 13
Year: 2015
Size: 38,3x12,7x3,7cm
Tech: Acrylic on canvas mounted in antique casket
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