Barthelemy Toguo - Africa: Le Grand Festin

«Africa: The great feast» assembled by Barthélémy Toguo is a response to the so called "African spring" in contemporary art in France.
The Cameroonian artist, nominated for Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2016, points out that the presentation of those artists form diffrent African states will be much more than such a temporary fashion.

Barthélémy Toguos intention is to create a solid foundation for the work of those selected artists, so that they become the chance to enter renowned gallerys, became a natural part of the international art scene, and show their work next to the works of wesertn artist, beeing no longer limitaed to second-class galleries.

Therefore Barthélémy Toguo decided that the works of thoses artists should become an important part of his future exhibitions at thoese gallerys who are representing his own work, - starting with the exhibition "Africa: The great feast" on June 6´th 2017 in Vienna, followed by "Strange Fruit" in October this year in Paris.

At "Africa: The great feast" the works of the following artists will be presented:
Blanche Agoumé (Cameroon), Atsoupé (Togo), Moufouli Bello (Benin), Doctrovée Bansimba (Congo), Ronald Cyrille (Guadeloupe), Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo (RDC), Dorah (Cameroon), Mayumi Okabayashi (Japan), Guillermo Socarras Hernandez (Cuba), Gabriel Tégnéto (Cameroon), Tatgedes (Cameroon), Barthélémy Toguo (Cameroon), Guy Woueté (Cameroon) und Dominique Zinkpe (Benin).
click to enlargeArtist: Barthelemy TOGUO
Title: Déluge XIII
Year: 2016
Tech: Watercolor on Paper
Size: 200 x 200 cm
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