Lionel FAVRE "The Office Of The Forgotten Dreams" @roomnumberOne MAM Vienna

The Swiss artist Lionel FAVRE (*1980) works with blue print paper, which is often rescued by the artist from archives, right before it got thrown away. It marks a rather unconventional starting point for an artistic follow up process, in where FAVRE then uses those old scientific and carefully prepared architectural plans as a foundation to let a compact new world of ideas and imagination arise.

FAVRE will transform the galleries roomnumberOne into "The Office of Forgotten Dreams" and is shown for the first time with a solo exhibition at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art. The room´s center displays the large size drawing "Die Chauvet-Höhle" and thus focusses on a longstanding tradition of the drawing as a form of expression. The reference to the over 30.000 years old cave paintings in France make the visitor aware of one of the oldest spectacular demonstrations of human creativity that report in an extraordinary way of the ability of art as a form of communication.
Favres drawing in the „Chauvet-Höhle“, emphasizes the transformation of the role of humans within their growing awareness of their surroundings and their ability to interact with it through the practise of drawing. The findings at the Chauvet caves in France are truly groudbreaking and mark a fascinating early piece of art history.

"The Office of the Forgotten Dreams" restores, analyses and interprets. Through the helping tool of the magnifying glass the visitor gets clear insight on the history and the tradition of producing such plans. Within the precise geometric plan template FAVRE carefully implements figures and objects and rewrites the content. By stepping back a bit the compact drawing gets fully visible and adjusts to a different context.
As a result the confrontation with the past, then becomes directly a utopia: the blueprint paper that became useless on the background of digitalisation, is transformed into a completely new way of reading it and thus opens up new possibilities of understanding the graphic medium.
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"The Office Of The Forgotten Dreams"
roomnumberOne 2017
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