We are facing a time of collision – a time of clash between the industrial modern age and the digital age. „Black Mirrors“ are omnipresent and are constantly demanding our attention, as they not only hang on every wall and stand on every table, they also fit in every hand: Black Mirrors are the digital surfaces of our TV-screens, computer monitors and smart phones!
With their incessant invitation to communicate, Black Mirrors are the throw-off and waste of our technocratic society. A society that is not just relying on technology, but depends on it and finally that is going to form a new and substantially transformed human.

Represented Artists: Carlos AIRES, Jean-Charles BLAIS, Pedro CALAPEZ, Carmen CALVO, Iván CAPOTE, Fabrizio CORNELI, Plamen DEJANOFF, Fred EERDEKENS, Manfred ERJAUTZ, FERRO, Vadim FISHKIN, Kendell GEERS, Paolo GRASSINO, Fabian HERKENHOENER, Markus HOFER, Rebecca HORN, Michael KIENZER, Nicolas KOZAKIS, LAb[au], Runo LAGOMARSINO, Davide La MONTAGNA, Jan LAUWERS, Mateo MATÉ, Philip MENTZINGEN, MISCHER`TRAXLER, Marzena NOWAK, Irina OJOVAN, Javier PÉREZ, Rudolf POLANSKY, RaumZeitPiraten, Lois RENNER, Anselm REYLE, Bernardí ROIG, Anneliese SCHRENK, Michael SCHUSTER, Esther STOCKER, Barthelemy TOGUO, Pedro TYLER, Markus WILFLING, José YAQUE, Vadim ZAKHAROV, Lucas ZALLMANN
click to enlargeArtist: Rebecca Horn
Titel: Butterfly With Black Volcano Stone
Year: 2013
Tech: Volcano stone, butterfly, steel, transparent box, electronic device, motor
Size: 50x36x36 cm
click to enlargeArtist: Anselm Reyle
Titel: O.T.
Year: 2007
Tech: Mixed Media on canvas
Size: 70x59 cm
click to enlargeArtist: Kendell Geers
Titel: Four Letter Brand (Sale)
Year: 2009/2014
Tech: Plexiglass mirror and charred wood
Size: 110x76,5 cm
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