MAM Contemporary Art @ Art Brussels 2017

In a world where content becomes increasingly simpler to enable a fast
perception, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art purposely focuses on the
complexity of things. The word complexity is generally used to characterize
something with many parts where those parts interact with each other in
multiple ways, culminating in a higher order of emergence greater than the sum
of its parts. For the upcoming ART BRUSSELS 2017, the Austrian Gallery
brought together different artists to rediscover the beauty
of complexity:

Carlos AIRES, Jean-Charles BLAIS, Carmen CALVO, Fred EERDEKENS, Manfred ERJAUTZ, Jan FABRE, Jochen HÖLLER, Brigitte KOWANZ, Javier PEREZ, RAUMZEITPIRATEN, Bernardi ROIG, und Barthelemy TOGUO.

Carlos AIRES (*1974 in Spain), focuses on the depiction of a shattering double reality. The dark side of our daily melodrama opens a wide field for a complex interpretation.

Jean-Charles BLAIS (*1956 in France) work is determined by the material of the media. Blais develops a new pictorial language, which originates from the observation of disjunct advertising posters repeatedly glued above each other - creating complex spaciousness.

In his work Jochen HÖLLER (*1977 in Austria) deals with fundamental topics concerning society, technology, religion and culture. He traces their complexity and puts them in a broad context, thereby not obscuring the matter, but rather cleverly delivering new thought-provoking topics.

The body is central in the works by Javier PÉREZ (*1968 in Spain). Detached from the strongly gendered approach to the body in contemporary art, Pérez gives the body a more complex meaning: in his performances, drawings, photography and sculpture it is illuminated as a distorted, strong and at
the same time fragile mass.
click to enlargeArtist: Bernardí ROIG
Title: Practices to suck the Dark (Actaeon)
Year: 2014
Tech: Polyester resin, marble dust and light
Size: 200x40x40
click to enlargeArtist: Jean Charles BLAIS
Title: Sans Titre
Year: 2014
Tech: mixed media, collage on paper
Size: 18 x 24 cm
click to enlargeArtist: Brigitte KOWANZ
Title: Addition - Lux es lo que se ve
Year: 2002
Tech: Neonlight, acrylglas
Size: 140x90x15 cm
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