click to enlargeborn 1977 in Amstetten, Austria
lives and works in Vienna
In his work Jochen Höller deals with fundamental topics concerning society, technology, religion and culture. He traces their complexity and range and puts them in a broad context, thereby not obscuring the matter, but rather cleverly delivering new thought-provoking topics through the humour of artistic practice.
After finishing his studies in sculpture at the University of Arts in Linz he began to focus completely on his work with paper.
An organizational system underlies HÖLLER´s paperwork. The artist deals with
conventional perceptions of order and information-transfer, he questions the comfortable habit of consuming data in a prefabricated way and uses cultural artifacts in a very active manner, which are according to Michel Foucault: “... as an archive, not the totality of texts that have been preserved by a civilization or the set of traces that could be salvaged from its downfall, but the series of rules which determine in a culture the appearence and disappearence of statments, their retention and their destruction, their paradoxical existence as events and things.”
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