Untitled (H-611-3)
Untitled (616-3)
Untitled (625-3)

 born 1965 in Belgium –

lives and works in Brussels 

It is the negotiation of formality and forms, that characterizes the artworks of the Belgian painter Alain Biltereyst. The works suggest a connection to abstract imagery, that can be found in our everyday surrounding, such as the painted tail of an airplane, subtly quoting visual fragments coming from the design canon and popular culture. Biltereyst paintings displayed in series seem to become a reduced “alphabet” of abstract forms and color fields, one work is extending the other, appearing as complete units. The artist’s oeuvre unfolds on repetition of forms and its reduction, creating a 

idiosyncratic approach on treating used material in an almost reverent way, questioning the possibilities of painting

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Mario Mauroner

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