*1956 in Nantes, France.
Lives and works in Paris and Vence, France.

Schwarzes Portrait
Sans Titre (Mo-Re-No)
Sans Titre (Perlentaucher)
Mo Re No
Mo Re No 2
Sans Titre
1 7 2015
Dessin Noir, Sur Mesure (small)
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
Sans Titre
25 4 14
8 6 2015
10 5 15

Jean-Charles Blais was born on the 22nd of October 1956 in Nantes and registered at the École des Beaux-Arts at the young age of 18, where he studied for five years. Since the beginning of the 80s the deliberate examination of Nouveaux Réalistes, Pop-Art, and arte povera à la Mario Merz - especially with affiches arrachées (billboard-tearings) - becomes constitutive for Blais‘ Oeuvre. This marks the departure for a new art of painting, which is determined by the material of the media. Blais develops a new pictorial language, which originates from the observation of disjunct advertising posters repeatedly glued above each other - but he is more interested in the spaciousness than the surface. The multiple layers and the random margins and lines generate associative structures. Blais uses the backside to work out concrete motifs - figurative objects, houses and animals, plants or tools. 
Since the 80s numerous solo exhibitions in France, Germany and USA make Jean Charles Blais work available to a broader audience. 

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