Born 1958 in Florence, Italy – lives and works in Florence, Italy

Grotta Catadiottrico
Catadiottrico Vortice
Catadiottrico Galassia
Catadiottrico Grotta ghiaccio

Many of the terms relating to thought have light as a reference“ 
- Fabrizio Corneli 2018

Light is in the focus of attention of the Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli and is at the same time the artist’s preferred material. By exploring light as a source of energy that has the power to emphasize or hide, Corneli creates comprehensive room installations, that are composed only by the balance of brightness and shadow. The artist stages and transforms rooms, that guide the visitor into a different world, allowing him to question the own perception. The beholder´s eye is immediately sharpened and often discovers what has been hidden before. Corneli subtly invites to challenge our often very rigid approach to the world, by asking to confront the self with viewing habits in a visual world, that is constantly distracting us by demanding our attention.

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