*Born 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria – lives and works in Vienna, Austria

The Bronze Theater
Object I
New Work (Champion)

The approach of the Bulgarian artist Plamen Dejanoff to art is complex: His works have been shown in many institutions as well as in public space. His sculptures are large-scale and often challenging to realize and all steps - from having an idea to planning and realizing it - are equally important in the process of creating. Dejanoff, who mainly uses clear and raw material such as bronze, is closely connected with Bulgaria and with Vienna and draws inspiration from feeling home to both places, often reframing (pop)-cultural inputs from these regions. Through realizing various projects different facets of being an artist becomes obvious in Dejanoff’s oeuvre: The artist in the role of a public advocate, as a businessman, as a critic of institutions and systems and as a proclaimer of own convictions and beliefs. 

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