*1966 in Graz, Austria.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Against the Day
Mini Me
From„A Splendid Isolation“
Soletti Giacometti 6
Soletti Giacometti 5
Soletti-Giacometti 3
Soletti-Giacometti 2
Soletti Giacometti Pompeji
Ohne Titel
Das haltlose Ende
Die Erdung der Praxis
Shelter (Awakening)
Fallstudie 1
Fallstudie 2

Manfred Erjautz is a versatile Austrian contemporary artist who works with the genres of sculpture, intallation, graphics and photography, in addition to producing art for public spaces. His oeuvre is always considered to be conceptual and is characterized by formal clarity. Logos, bar codes, advertising texts, objects and material with specified content (Lego) are Erjautz´ main materials. In 1989, early in his career, the artist already used Lego bricks to create some of his sculptures. The first work made of Lego was a gun used in a fictitious bank robbery filmed by a surveillance camera. By building an electric chair out of Lego bricks in another work he reversed the original meaning of Lego "play well" (Danish: leg godt). A controversial Lego cross, which featured a Lego truck instead of the body of Christ, was installed on the altar of the Jesuit Church, Vienna in 2004. The playful character of the Lego should relativize the seriousness and ceremoniousness of the liturgy (more than vice versa). One day before Christmas Eve 2008, the sculpture was vandalised with parts stolen by unknown perpetrators. It has been relocated to a much safer place on the pulpit.

"An exhibition with works of the artist Manfred ERJAUTZ is not simply an exhibition following the current typologies, as ERJAUTZ himself does not fit into the usual frameworks of fine art. He used to be a photographer, but was soon seen as a sculptor; his glued pictures belong to a pictorial field, but he soon turned to object-oriented work; if he was called an installative artist, he would at the same time act as a subversive shatterer of myths - his work is multifarious and can never be categorized unambiguously. Even with his works for public spaces, he burst the traditions of this normally quite boringly well-behaved field of art"- Manfred ERJAUTZ.

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