*1953 in Cologne, Germany (Austrian Nationality).
Lives and works in Munich, Germany.

„In my eyes my sculptures are three-dimensional drawings in a space. They form their shape whilst observing and understanding them. It is a play with different weights, a play with heaviness and lightness“
- Ferro, Interview “Levitating Composition” 2018 at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna 

The visual lightness of FERRO’S artworks is surprising, refreshing and enchanting. Coming from performance art, since about twenty years FERRO creates levitating and standing sculptures, that are fragile and sensitive to every slight breeze. These room drawings are constantly suggesting a transmission between two and three-dimensionality, functioning as contained worlds, that follow their own rules of temporality. The exploration of FERRO’S oeuvre is likewise the exposure of notes of a musical score or is like taking off layers little by little: If the essence is laid bare, it is only just doing justice to reflect the complexity of the world. FERRO has internationally worked for more than forty years as a performer, sculptor and lecturer. His artworks found home in many international collections, such as the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection and were shown in various museums and galleries.

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Mario Mauroner

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