*1968 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

The curriculum vitae of the South African artist Kendell Geers begins in the year 1652. It already suggest the artist’s approach towards the world: Everything is connected and the present is the present because of its past and future. In installations and objects created with found materials, such as newspaper articles, photos or objects, Geers addresses often disguised or unknown parts of a history of political suppression, violence and crime and the concept of security in South Africa. With great care and sensibility the artist investigates and tells stories, that lay bare brutality and political dimensions and their often subtle effects. Shaped around concepts of identification, politics, culture and rites, a confrontation with the self is provoked. 
Since the 1990s Kendell Geers has been globally presented through many institutions and had numerous solo and group shows including at the Documenta, the Havana Biennial, the Istanbul Biennial or at the Palais the Tokyo in Paris. In 1993 Geers was amongst the first invited artists’ of South Africa, after the anti-apartheid boycotts. He has worked with various media, ranging from large-scale installations to small objects, video, text and performance. 

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