*1964 Born Pollença, Mallorca.
Lives and works in Mallorca, Spain.

Sigo Mi Camino
Sigo Mi Camino
Como Un Logro I
Como un logro II
Gracias, Fue Suficiente
Mirame Con Buenos
Siempre Seré Una De Vosotros
Ahora Te Veo Y Me Acerco A Ti
Es La Hora De Agua (Tasche)
Es La Hora de Agua IV (Unterwäsche)
Es La Hora De Agua III (Bluse)
Es La Hora De Agua IV (Unterwäsche)
Sin Titulo
Da Ahi Vengo IV
Sin Tit

Susy Gómez (*1964 Pollença, Mallorca) is an extraordinarily vital and universal artist!
For years she has been successfully exploring various fields of art: painting, sculpture, photography, video and performance. Most of the time she joins all of these elements together in a huge installation, to mental landscapes of reflective processes. In order to bring things – thematically and formally – to the point, she often applies the magnifying glass: sketchy watercolours, delicate silver buds and poetic collages mutate into huge blow-ups: Alice in wonderland meets her psychoanalyst!

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