*1967 in Turin, Italy.
Lives and works in Turin, Italy.

Lavoro Rende Morte
Yankee’s Place
LAB C.C.R. (A)
LAB C.C.R. (B)
LAB C.C.R. (C)
LAB C.C.R. (E)
LAB C.C.R. (H)
LAB C.C.R. (G)
LAB C.C.R. (F)
Stelle Oscure

GRASSINO uses a wide range of materials: PVC-foam, acrylic and aluminium. His pieces, however, represent vital things like animals or humans. An oversized human heart made of resilient PVC-foam stands for the human’s fragility. Choosing the exact material for a piece also symbolizes its strength. The natural and the artistic, vitality and stiffness are set into context. 
GRASSINO’s works are dislplayed on a regular basis in museums all over Europe, particularly in Italy.

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Mario Mauroner

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