born 1984 in Troisdorf, Germany – lives and works in Berlin, Germany

In the age of digitalism the concept of language and its single words is renegotiated. Through large-scale artworks the German artist Fabian Herkenhoener discusses the processes of encoding and decoding language, that has become an everyday process. By using personal notes and collected texts in a rather intuitive approach, Herkenhoener adds material and establishes grids of letters and words on the canvas, that seem to become a grammatical structure, reminding on urban landscapes, maps, grids and the idea of cyberspace. The works show streams of consciousness, breaking up and questioning  language and “readable” content that become finally an image. Within this process Herkenhoener is investigating the contemporary approach of textual and visual language and its dissolution, as they suggest a transmission between text and image and once again question the role of the visual artist as an intermediary. 

Untitled (Wonders Of Zoos)

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Mario Mauroner

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