Born in 1944 in Odenwald, Germany – lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France

Since more than 50 years the internationally distinguished German artist Rebecca Horn has been presented in numerous institutions and has long-lasting influenced the artworld. Horn is working on the interface of different disciplines, such as sculpture, installation, performance, object, drawing, writing and film. 
Working early with performance art and video, the artist explored the connection of the human body and space, of the observer and the observed. Through investigating the possible extension of the body, her artworks playfully re-approach space and the connection of the subject to the world. Horn was represented severals times at the Documenta and in many other institutions around the world and was the first female artist presented with a solo show at the Guggenheim in New York in 1993. Her oeuvre includes numerous artworks, projects, videos and films of performances and interventions. Horn was honoured several times with important awards, such as the “Documenta-Award” in 1986 or the “Grande Médaille des Arts Plastiques” by Académie d’Architecture de Paris in 2011.

Butterfly with Black Volcano Stone

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