*1978 in Slovakia.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Drawing usually remains an intermediate medium. It serves to focus towards a multi-dimensional orientation.

As a basis for the technical and formal quality of an object it often remains in this subservient preliminary stage. While it happens that the purpose of the drawing is satisfied in the sketch with austere gestures, the depth of the drawing process can at other times gain the upper hand.

Overwhelmed by the sensuality of the matter, this detail becomes a thrilling experience, an overflowing, all-engrossing topic.

Formerly, the fingers guided the line, now the line moves the hand. The naïve paper and unconcerned line become an expression of a dependency and receive, in return, a material self through the artistic styling.

Thus, Darina Kmetova´s room installations are less a purely artistic act, but rather the result of an intense relationship.

Stanislaus Medan

Tropical Dream I
Tropical Dream (Study II)
Emotional Spectrum 1

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