Born 1992 in Rivoli, Italy – lives and works in Torino, Italy

The poetic artworks of the Italian Davide La Montagna unfolds on impulses, coming from everyday life. It can be the tension, that is created by opposite concepts, a misunderstanding or an ambivalent situation that is stimulating to the artist: “The difference explained by Fitzgerald between romanticism and sentimentalism is one of the focusing points I’m dwelling on” adds the artist. A close relationship between different media such as sculpture, painting and poetry defines the artist’s approach and works and their subtle and astute character. Playing with scents and their olfactory potential of memory, the artist conveys the idea of a permanent possibility of disappearance of all, stating: “Nothing stays the same, and memories will be forgotten”.

B 8
A 4
E 3
C 3
A 2
B 8

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Mario Mauroner

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