Jørgen Craig Lello 
*1978 born in Fredrikstad, Norway 
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.
Tobias Arnell
*1978 in Lund, Sweden.
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Jørgen Craig Lello & Tobias Arnell have collaborated since 2003 and utilize logically broken lines of thought, false statements and fictional scenarios in their examination of how the world is interpreted and understood.
They primarily work with sculpture, though it often bleeds into photography, collage and image-works. Visually, the pieces hold a resigned trash- and DIY-aesthetic, with pretensions of slickness. Though the works are fundamentally idea-based, they are saturated with a strong, underlying material and sculptural disposition.
Their work questions basic social structures and methods, and their validity. By using historical documents, symbols and events, a wide range of interconnected concepts are subjected to a deconstructive process which emanates in a skewed perception of «the big picture».
The main theme in the works is the way the topics have been treated, which constructs an interpretation that feels complete, though invalid, or even preposterous.

Hercules Slaying The Hydra
Blind 2

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