Born 1988 in Chișinău, Moldavia – lives and works in Munich, Germany

Real-life observations are impulse and foundation of the artworks of the Moldavian artist Irina Ojovan. By giving up the figurative image Irina Ojovan focuses on a linear-geometric division, translating sensations and emotions into shapes, forms, shadows, colourfields, lines and other geometric figures. In Ojovan’s artworks the idea of juxtaposition of „information“ that an image or text is able to give and „non-information“ as information is in the center, opening up a discussion on the artist’s role of an intermediary and translator. 

“I’m not interested in any kind of figurative references and I try to involve a lot my subconscious archive that has a close connection with my memories“. 
- Irina Ojovan, 2018

Thought N 3
Shape as Beginning Of a Word N 11
Thought N 17 (Rainy Day)
Sarmizegetusa N 12
Sarmizegetusa N 1
Sarmizegetusa N 3
Thought N 26
Zöbing N1
Sarmizegetusa n10
Only The Daylight Between Us N4
? N1
? N5
Thought N 24
Sarmizegetusa N 8
Sarmizegetusa N 26
Sarmizegetusa N 25

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