*1961 in Salzburg, Austria.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

RENNER is known for his precisely composed drawn and photographed interiors, which mostly show his studio. No matter if he works as a painter, photographer, installation’s artist or architect, RENNER always designs the picture of his studio in a new way.
„I use photography like a torch, with which I illuminate my inner-self. Paintings result from what I find during this search”, describes the artist his working process. First he takes a picture as a draft for a painting. Afterwards he takes another photograph and edits it on the computer. Seems to be a good way of dealing with the subject painting vs. photography.
Lois RENNER’s works can be found in the collection of the Lentos, Belvedere, Essl Museum, BACA Kunstforum and MUMOK. 

Der Rote Mantel
Marco-Ironische Antikenimitation
Globus V
Synasthesie II
VEYRON (Jedermann)
Mara IV
Die Prozession
Flora und Zephyr
Atelier (Faun)
Signature II
Bibi (Nemo)
Alpine Desire

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