*1965 in Palma, Spain.
Lives & works in Binissalem and Madrid, Spain.

The Spanish artist Bernardí Roig explores in his artistic practice the human condition. Through his life-size resin sculptures the artist lays bare emotions around loneliness, death and immortality. Addressed in a clear visual form, his sculptures are usually interacting with light sources, that highlight forcefully body and face expression. Roig boldly outlines repressed fears and anxieties of human psyche and confronts the beholder, with what is often tried to hide in everyday life. Roig’s artworks are part of international collections, such as of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Verona, of the Foundation Ludwig in Havana or and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. 

Wittgenstein Haus (The big Head)
Ejercicios para transportar la luz
Study Father-Petit (The Mirror)
Portrait Anibal J.
Wittgenstein House (VIENNA)
Anton milk
Double Head (Michael Leiris)
Double Face (Herr Mauroner)
Disolution of Head

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