*1956 in Graz, Austria.
Lives and works in Graz, Austria.

The reflection and its power, is the core of the works of the Austrian conceptual artist Michael Schuster. Through mirror objects the artist investigates the potential of perceiving the own reflection, as it is always an extension of the beholder’s impressions, desires, fears and ideas. By adding words and sentences or by manipulating the reflection surface, often Schuster humorously intervenes in the reflecting process and triggers impulses, to analyze and question the beholder’s interpretation. His installations in public space, such as the work “Es gibt auch Spiegel, in denen man erkennt, was einem fehlt” (there are also mirrors, that are telling what one is missing) at the Landhaus passage in Graz, are interactive and result in encounter and discussion with different people - and with the self. 

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Mario Mauroner

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