Born 1974 in Schlanders, South Tyrol – lives and works in Vienna, Austria

“I describe imperfection through the way of perfection. And I search for ways out, for free forms, for the coexistence of the expected and the unexpected” - Interview with Esther Stocker in Metal Magazine “Imperfection and Illusions”

The interventions of the South Tyrolean artist Esther Stocker are comprehensive. In profund arrangements of lines, bars, squares of black and white geometric forms and coloured fields, the artist arranges spaces, rooms and its walls, drawing the beholders view into a world following its own rules. Inspired from being a painter for more than ten years, Stocker’s installations challenge architectural, spatial concepts and offer access to a place, where different structures seem to dissolve three-dimensionality and constantly break with expectations. By questioning conventions and standards that seemed to be determined by norms and restrictions, Esther Stocker has been invited globally to create artworks. Her sculptures and architectural interventions have been shown in many institutions and museums and are regularly commissioned for public space, such as by the West Japan Railway to re-design several train stations along the line. In 2009 Esther Stocker was honoured by the city of Vienna. 

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Mario Mauroner

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