*1954 in Santander, Spain.
Lives & works in Saro, Spain and New York, USA.

Juan USLE’s works are defined by geometry and despite their graphical character they are profound. Often they are determined by a strong color contrast, that make the images glow. The light perceived however, does not resemble sunlight but artificial neon-light. It reminds us of lights in cinemas and cities.
Is it a chaos of tubes and cables, the topographical sight and overview of a city or a metro system? Usle displays the complexity of modern world and the twisted perception of our living environment. Parts of pictures start to overlap and they merge. They seem to be in motion. Colours reject each other or blur and form something new, so it enforces the picture’s or the city’s dynamic.
Among his recent exhibitions are: the Biennale in Venice, the Tate collection in London, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the MACBA in Barcelona. 

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Mario Mauroner

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